NeedleCalm Pty Ltd is working to address a need to reduce the pain and anxiety associated with needle-related procedures.



Our Team

Meet the NeedleCalm Pty Ltd Nurses. Sydney based, experts in their field, passionate about patient care.


Lauren Barber

Ms Lauren Barber is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with post graduate qualifications in Healthcare Leadership and Cosmetic Dermatology…

Megan Guy

Megan is a highly experienced Clinical Nurse Specialist who more recently has been Nurse Unit Lead for oncology in several major Sydney Hospitals…


“I have had the opportunity to review NeedleCalm and meet with its' driven and dynamic inventor, Ms Barber. 

 It is my belief, as a clinician, that this simple and very effective device has a prominent place within the phlebotomy landscape and to the benefit of our patients.”

Dr Luke Sammaratino, Paediatrician


Committed to improving Patient care, and Healthcare Outcomes

NeedleCalm Pty Ltd is working in partnership with Vestech Medical to bring an outstanding product to market, which is class leading, and easily adoptable in all areas of clinical practice where hypodermic needles are utilised.

Others have developed ways to reduce the fear of needles by reducing pain but these are expensive, messy or greatly extend the time required to administer injections. “Needle-free” injections have been promised for years but reality has not matched the hype, and the main focus of current research is on specific vaccines.

The NeedleCalm Device will be available through a distributor servicing the Australian Market from early 2020.

NeedleCalm Pty Ltd is a member of the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA), gained acceptance into the MedTech Actuator Program, and is a Gold Member of the Australian Private Hospitals Association

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